The Kingdom of Ardougne

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A letter would arrive at Ardougne palace. It had a copper wax seal with the symbol of bandos emblazoned on it. It was written in a crimson ink and delivered by a beaten down paladin.


Dear Queen Daisy Lavelle,

Camelot is indeed under new management. The weak knights and nobles of this region bowed before the might my warhorde and those the great war god left behind. By right of conquest Camelot is now mine and under the rule of House Mordeaux. I do hope we can be cordial neighbors, however I know not what this commonwealth thing you speak of is. It mustn't have anything to do with us as we have received nothing pertaining to this commonwealth until now. We are open to talking about our future relationship and you are welcome to visit my fortress in Camelot to talk any time. I do hope we do not come to blows so soon. If we do not hear back soon or have you visit we must assume you are planning to attack. I would advise against such things as the people here don't want to fight you just yet. I wish you the best and I am excited for future exchanges with a strong ruler.


Tonya Mordeaux, Warlord of Camelot

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CrocoNuts said:
',,' . `,,' Joining the Kingdom of Ardougne

I want you to write a letter as the character you wish to join with
, simple as that. What I want to focus on with this group is in-character dialogue and development. Simply giving me the deeds of your character is a boring way to introduce yourself into the story of us worldbuilding Ardougne together.

So write me something.
Tell me what your character wants to do in the kingdom of Ardougne, what kind of position they desire on the court or how they want to make their guild known. Im lenient and willing to talk a lot of things over, but do keep the character pointers in mind when you design your character(s) for the group.

Do keep in mind our low numbers of people
and that I cant deliver an army for a general or a workforce for a building company. I hope to extend some of the usual GM-rights that come with leading a POK towards the players, into saying that I wont mind if you grant your character a considerable NPC like following to enrich the story. Be reasonable and dont abuse this to trample In-character rivals/competitors under unfair amounts of NPC based actions.

I hope this gives you enough pointers to find your place amongst the folks involved. If you still got more questions on how to join the Kingdom of Ardougne, feel free to ask it on the thread or contact me through other media if you have that possibility.

Some already were told through private contact they had with me when they wanted to join, but now the 'application' of the Kingdom of Ardougne is up. I know it's not traditional but I hope people are willing to give this a try instead.
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The letter was dispatched via a lone courier, presenting it to the correct people in charge of the mail at the Wizards' Guild in Yanille, addressed to Vynriette Aren.


Vynriette Aren

Request of Attendance
I have recently been requested by her royal majesty, Queen Lavelle, to make contact with you and request that you come to the palace in Ardougne.

The purpose of this meeting is yet unclear, though I believe it may be of some import relating to yourself, though simultaneously, I am undergoing a trial period as a potential participant for the role of Court Wizard in Ardougne's royal affairs. I have been appointed to invite you to the palace.

Please may I request that you reply at your earliest convenience, and if there is any issues with this request that you please reply so we may be aware as to your current status.


An address would be jotted down, directing it to a small office in eastern Ardougne, along with other specifics

From: Allard Kavahn, a keen wizard
An apologetically, unofficial representative for World 42

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