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A wax sealed letter arrived via courier, bearing a coat of arms from the Kingdom of Ardougne. The letter was carried in via the proper channels to reach the queen, or at least be read before her. The seal clearly made up the crest of the royal family, the Lavelle, indicating it was a letter send by the queen herself.


To Warlord Tonya Mordeaux,

Yanilian nobility, according to my records, has now besieged the reign of my former partner of the commonwealth, Genevieve Quenelles of Hightower. A rather bold move in times of political reform. Where you come from and how you did this, I care little for at this moment. All I can hope for you is that your intentions with Camelot align with that of its people and perhaps even more importantly, its allies. Realize the gravity of my words, young Warlord and come to the palace of Ardougne as soon as you can so that we can add your name to the Treaty of Ardougne. I look forward to meet you in person and receiving your letter stating your arrival in Ardougne, neighbour. Don't wait too long.


Daisy Lavelle, Queen of Ardougne

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Very impressed you decided to go in this direction with the POK. Looking forward to see where this goes in future. "The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

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