The Aren House

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A quill scratched rapidly across sheets of parchment, with no hand to direct it. Instead, it seemed to move at the will of [REDACTED], who spoke his mind aloud while this quill scribed his every word.

"-.. And that House Aren. I could almost be concerned that such a cult subsists still.
I find great interest in a select few of their most skilled members. The so-called "Soul Eater",
especially. Dabbling in such obscure and ridiculed forms of magic - something common in the outcasts of both our families. I continue to wonder whether or not it was to meet a goal,
an end.. Or if it was simply out of powerlust and greed? I would have to assume the latter,
given how his invasions were squashed, and his own life destroyed; even if not entirely.

It matters not. Forbidden magicks and questionable religious ideals. And of course the periodic bad apples that fall from the tree. I cannot help but to feel a sense of kinship.
Yet no matter how alike we are, I have to consider them an enemy.

I will continue to harvest and gather myself and those that will join my cause. And now I may hide behind makeshift cover of House Aren's messes in Kandarin."..

((just a bit of character development relevant to this thread.))

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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St Purple
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St Purple

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Username: St Purple

Character Name: Deen Velèt

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Tanned skin, dark brown hair, thick brown stubble, thick eyebrows above his brown eyes. Moonclan clothing.

Bio: Deen was born on the Lunar Isles but had always wanted more throughout his life. He was raised in the ways of the Moonclan but always had a profound interest in magic but not for the typical Lunar Isle ways of using it, he wanted to experiment more with it. Because of this his parents did not agree with his views so he decided that once he reached the age of 18 he would embark on his own journey in order to find a way to learn new styles of magic. He had a huge interest in learning the ways of summoning and how it worked. Eventually making his way to Yanile in which he would embark on trying to persuade the wizards there to teach him more.

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