The Kingdom of Camelot

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The Gods
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The Gods

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“Rap. Tap. Tap.” The voice echoed through the halls of the abandoned manor.
“Gods damn, that is creepy.” Said the man holding the Divine Energy lamp. His voice masked slightly by a bandana with House Tarii’s sigil on it.
“Quiet, we don’t know what’s hiding here.” Another whispered another man, he holding a shortsword in one hand, a buckler in the other. The sound of a fast moving thing went by.
“Shhhh Shhhh. Momma will take care of you now.” The voice said as the party turned to find their mage gone. “Rap. Tap. Tap.”
“Oh great.” The sword and shield man said. “Hope you know teleportation magic.” He turned to find the divine energy lamp on the ground, it’s light dimming. The warrior panicked.
“Hey Kiddo.” The warrior turned again to see a sitting child in the dimming light of the lamp. The child stood up and stared right at the warrior with cold, red eyes.
“What the hell are you?” The child grinned then the lamp died. The man’s blade and shield fell. And so did he.

“Rap. Tap. Tap.
The Man in the Wall is here.
Rap. Tap. Tap.”


A scavenging party was sent to an abandoned manor to find some invention materials, but never returned. Pryderi Tarii has called on the brave to find and retrieve them.
The Place: Camelot Castle to start then the Murder Mystery manor north of Camelot.
When: Feb 7th exact time TBD
Safety: You’ll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I think.
Who to contact: The Gods of the Godless. Me. Just say hi.
"We're the hearts for the heartless. Thoughts for the thoughtless. The lies for the Honest.
We're The Gods of the Godless!"

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Kaito Calderon
Honour is earned. Is it never granted.
Blood and Gold my friend, Our Blood and their Gold.
Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha.

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