Rest in Peace.

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Hey guys. So as many of you know, or will know, we lost someone in our divided community of misfits. His name was Howl Aren, largely known for bringing back the Aren not a very long time ago. And since then, he's had ambitions to do more things with roleplay.

Personally, I never got to do much with him. And thought some of his shenanigans were a bit silly, but he always tried to keep roleplay alive. And always tried to roleplay with everyone he could and have a good time. In that hindsight, he had some good intentions. It's unfortunate for him to pass so young and for his family to deal with this.

So, if you may, post something about your experiences with him. Fun roleplays, banter, or anything in general about him. Let's keep it positive, thank you.

Rest well, Howl. Keep it strong wherever you may be now.

Quick edit; if you don't have anything to say. A simple "Rest in peace" or any other variant will be appreciated.

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Rest in peace. We'll have to him anew in the next life. I am going to break your arm so that the bone juts out and then I will stab you to death with your own insides. I will win this chess game, is what I am saying.

20-Feb-2018 03:58:58

Wizard Ovi
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Wizard Ovi

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Howl is the one who intro'd me into the Arens and I have met so many good people through him. I never got to say goodbye to him. I'm so sorry I wasn't there all the time. I'll always miss you my good friend.
"You never know what kind of man you'll be until the end."

-Howl Aren

20-Feb-2018 21:35:45

Aerisop Aren
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Aerisop Aren

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Long time friends, one I will miss.

Glad to have had him as part of our stories, and sad that his had to come to an end so soon.
•±• Strength through chaos! •±•

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My condolences to his family and friends. I cannot imagine how they must feel.

Rest in peace Howl. I did not know you but I admire your efforts to create and maintain an active role-play environment. Be well up there.
All these sins disguised as blessings

22-Feb-2018 17:09:53



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Thank you. For reeling in HEAPS of role-play. For making ridiculous characters. For breaking every rule and for welcoming anyone and everyone without a second thought. I wish I could bring you back like Catherine did Caedus.

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I'm genuinely going to miss Howl. This dude was a homie the first day i met him. Yes he was rough around the edges but made me laugh, cry and was one of the most genuine dudes around. He wore his heart on his sleeve and had a lot of people who yes may not have liked him but he kept his friends close. I'm glad of the times I got to roleplay and talk to this crazy and kind individual, and will sorely miss him.

Love you like a brother Justin, I'll raise a glass in your memory.
Kaito Calderon
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09-Mar-2018 20:08:45

Sarah V
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Sarah V

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Rest in peace. I wrote the very first version of the Sicarius (pre-Matt), and was a roleplayer from about 2005-2010/2011. I just play casually in adulthood now while running a business with my partner IRL.

28-Mar-2018 04:44:43

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