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scousy said:
Can someone tell me how clicking some pictures is going to protect my account? Is there any stats or data that say it's an effective tool against hijacking? Hijackers aren't stupid they know what a traffic light looks like.
Jagex wants to get rid of bots, although I've never saw one posting, and they wanna get rid of F2P accounts like us as we interfere with their business. Our opinions / feedback stirs their employees minds too much probably make them oppose Phil & Dave too much which they can't handle.
In 2009 these guys toxicated the rsof with their thoughts & mindset, back than, and this was how they wanna make the rsof become as what it now has become, a forum for the elite of Jagex and their RWT-friends to exchange their thoughts in an academic manor.
We peasants don't belong here and every safety feature they can throw at us to make it more annoying to log in into the rsof.
Of course we can make it vanish a little if we pay them lots of money because than they considerate to tolerate us for the time being. So "pay to make captcha go away".

23-Aug-2019 07:08:09



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Hmm said:
Were you not satisfied with your answers

Nothing captcha is designed to prevent hijackers, it is a tool to prevent excesssive or unwanted database operations from malicious users.
Based upon our server request, when we click on the websites "Sign in" button-link, we receive the login screen with attached to it "Captcha / ReCaptcha".
Based upon data send to Jagex (about our computer / Ip-adress) Jagex decides to hinder us because they don't like us and label us in one stroke with bots, even before we type our login details.

23-Aug-2019 09:28:02



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Hmm said:
2_Tron said:

Using Captcha and reCaptcha for protecting against bots/spammers is fine to me as I have no problems with that.

Jagex: Uses Captcha to prevent bots
You: has a problem with that.
Lol 3 captcha's after each other to make this post LOL. I am human and I could prove that but then I would say things bots do not and moderation kicks in to throw me out. There are no bots here and neither am I, I am not a bot still Jagex does treat me like I am one.

So prevention is also used for other purposes. ;)

23-Aug-2019 09:40:14



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@Hmm, to answer yours previous post - ... yes I do log in & out when I post determined by the amount of posts I wanna make.


That's where we have to go back roughly 8-10 years ago when pre-mentioned individuals were posting in The RSOF complaining about the amount of "spam-posts / peasant-posts / and other traffic" that was a heavy server-load and Jagex should get rid of that sooner or later.
When I did read about it I made that decision to log-in and post after that log-out. This I have repeated for many many years and never had anything to do with captcha / recaptcha.

Why? - the reason -

1) back in time people who were sharp criticizing other peoples feedback often were "followed / stalked" for the things they said making it others difficult to get their way around things. Those who stalked us and effectively put us to silence were forum moderators (not all of them) and no matter how much you did your best they matched us as they were able to see us log-in. I do know the software and believe me, some can catch you before finishing writing your post.
That was the first reason to keep logging in & out when posting.

2) As these opposers complained about misuse of server space / spam etc. etc. I thought to myself why not, I decided to log in "ONLY" when I wanted to post a reply or make a thread or maintain a thread I had.
I find it a good way of use to only log in when it really needs to to post and everything else I do offline unless it's a special forum that requires login in.
I am not the kind of person to stay online all day and cruel myself all over The Internet alike Social Media, I do not want to hinder others from making use of a server thus I move away login out. After all we have to share the same virtual space.

Coming back to Jagex use of captcha / recaptcha, if Jagex only looks at my login in requests and decide to classify me being a bot / spammer of any kind then I only have to say this ...

23-Aug-2019 12:32:05



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@Hmm, that moderation experience was true but I will not discuss it any further. Nevertheless if you have to make a phone call to someone and you are done with the conversation nothing more to add & say you also hang on the phone, or not? You will not keep the line open because you might have something to say in the evening. For that you call them back.

The only advantage for Jagex is that when you stay online for nothing to say or contribute it makes it look like there's tons of traffic / people online, just like Social Media but that doesn't say people are doing something.

Jagex has involvement in the process because Jagex allows Google monitoring requests.

Captcha doesn't do their job properly as it can't determine if one is a bot or a spammer.
Captcha really is working totally out of fase, quite frankly captcha should look at amount of attempts in a certain time frame and content of a post. That's how you catch bots & spammers.

23-Aug-2019 13:41:52



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UrekMazino said:
Using captcha to "silence" people is just really ineffective, especially seeing as you are still able to post. There are much better ways to stop people from posting. Maybe you need to stop changing your VPN ip address each time or stop using incognito mode or w/e it is you're doing.
Call it ineffective or not I have posted for years this way and never there was any captcha obstructing me but suddenly it is and it's because the data they harvest about me.
I will continue to post but just like Scousy we all are getting tired of this stupid use of captcha / recaptcha.
That I wanna make use of incognito mode and throw away my browser data regularly shouldn't be of any problem thus not hinder me with captcha / recaptcha.

23-Aug-2019 13:47:25



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@Hmm … “You are not being courteous by repeatedly logging in and out” … excuse me!!??
This hasn’t anything to do with being courteous, take into mind that many websites / companies do illegal things during yours internet-session with them that certainly can be classified as “not being courteous” and Google is top of the branch talking about not being courteous.

Google doesn’t care a hoot who I am, they do not care if I am suspicious or not, they only make sure that I produce as much data as possible.
That company is the biggest digital money laundering system on the world wide web as they harvest tons of data by the second and sell that same data to the highest bidder that passes by.
Anyone who will offer them money get data-access for as long as the contract says.

The only company that will classify me as “suspicious / dangerous” and whatever more are Jagex and they hire Google’s service to follow me around the clock if necessary.
For Google I am just “data” and of of that data Google does make money.

You are only challenged to complete the additional challenge if Google cannot determine whether you are a human or not. If you see in the bottom right of the login page (or anywhere else you perform some function) the captcha symbol, your session has been "checked" for authenticity.

That is the odd part of it … pretty contradictory.
Jagex asks Google to send me a program (AI-learning / bot) to determine if I am human or not, bot or no bot. Every time that happens I am easily able to solve that puzzle and prove that “I am human and not a bot”. Good … but wait … the next time I get the same situation … again I have to prove that I am human and not a bot … but wait … the next time I get the same situation … again … again … again … again and that will not end.
Jagex says go to Google if you have issues and Google says go to Jagex if you have issues as they hired us to do this for Jagex.

24-Aug-2019 13:03:11



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So here we are, we players are asked by a bot to prove that we aren’t bots and once proven … those same bots send more of this because those bots can’t figure out if we are bots or not.

To be honest currently Jagex is the only”service” that hinders me with pointless captcha’s / re-captcha’s just because Jagex has issues with us, not because we create issues.

You are causing your own issues with captcha.

That is incorrect, I do solve every captcha / re-captcha proving I am human, not a bot or any other AI-program and nothing will be done with this intel because the effect will not fade away.
Players are hindered on purpose with a flawed program, a botting / spamming program called captcha / re-captcha.

24-Aug-2019 13:03:19



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RuneScape Rules which also will apply for The RSOF.

Macroing and third-party software
Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in our games may not be used. This includes automation tools, macros, bots, auto-typers, and tools that circumvent any of our mechanisms designed to automatically log out inactive users.

Any game-specific, third-party software that encourages contradiction of the previous statement, bypasses the normal navigation of our website, automatically requests pages from our website or which endangers user accounts are also regarded as detrimental to RuneScape and should not be used.

Why we have this rule????????

Many third party software websites and applications contain keyloggers, trojans and viruses which will put players' personal details at risk. Macroing also gives some players an unfair advantage and can detract from the experience of RuneScape. We designed this game to be enjoyed by humans- not robots!

Jagex just quit with your fucking hindering of players with botting-progams / spamming-programs.

24-Aug-2019 13:36:07

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