New guild: Pkers heaven.

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cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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You have no clue period. The wild will always remain dangerous. I will always refuse to feed pkers. That means I will not be skilling in the wild with any of my alts. This is not meant to be a gain for me at all.

Of course, you cant see that because all you can see is that it is not trying to harm pkers. I do not wish harm to them nor do I have any desire to have them removed.

Nothing will make the wild safe as long as there are pkers who enjoy causing "skiller tears". Because it is part of the make up of the pker mindset, this will continue as long as the game does. It is a part of the game. Some say a vital part. I just say its an acceptable part.

This is not meant to remove those players NOR is it bashing them to say that is what they are. It is merely an acknowledgement that they exist, no judgement intended or required.

As long as this is part of the make up of pkers, and that means as long as the game exist, the wild will not be safe for afker, bots, or skillers. That is how it is meant to be and that is how it will always be.
Stop being a entitled snowflake. If you want something in game, earn it rather than demand it be given to you.

08-Aug-2019 16:02:59



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It'd still benefit other skillers at the expense of the wilderness. None of my comments are about you. They're about the community as a whole. I have no personal animosity towards you. All PKing should be done inside of the wilderness. PvP worlds are bad enough imo. The fact is that with so many worlds now, it's becoming harder and harder for PKers to find fights inside of the wilderness. This would only make that worse. Quit bitching about the problems you created by spite voting.

08-Aug-2019 16:35:19

weston btw

weston btw

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cooke fletch said:
Except you made it strictly about me.

Provide proof, nubnub.
I would much rather anyone PK in game than do so irl. If you wanna get it out, do it on an online platform please. I don't want anyone getting harmed physically. :(

09-Aug-2019 14:36:10

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