Corrupted Blade of Saeldor

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Hi, I have a nice unique corrupted-gauntlet reward idea.
My idea is as follows:
The Corrupted Blade of Saeldor,
It will be an unique reward from the corrupted mode.
will come fully charged when recieved.
As the name states ("currupted";), it will crumble to dust when all charges are used up.
It will have a special attack, called: stalking thunder. The special attack will consume 100% of your special attack bar and increase your prayer depletion by 50% and fatigue rate by 100%. The special attack will spawn a purple thunder that will follow the opponent for 5-10sec. It will deal half of the dammage than it does in the gauntlet, and have a 12.3% chance to stun the oponent for 2sec when hit. What do you think guys? Would it be a nice adition to osrs pk'ing?

Feel free to tune this idea, let's make the corrupted-gauntlet more exiting (and profitable).
What do you think about this? Feel free to share :)
Thank you for OSRS, add a minnimap and a rest option. Then I will be fully happy with this game.

07-Aug-2019 02:26:13

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