Hacker got my acc perm mutedThread is locked

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18-Jan-2020 17:05:36

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One thing that Jagex has made clear and that is that we are responsible
for whoever is on our account. And whatever anyone does with out account.

They expect us to keep our information private and not share any of it. They
also expect you to keep your computer or other device you play on secure
along with your email.

If you are a member you can appeal a mute i believe.
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18-Jan-2020 17:23:09

CM Shaddie

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Trees Luv Me said:
User name/login - REDACTED
In-Game name -REDACTED

My account was hacked 1-2 months ago, and after I retrieved it due to it being my account and they seen a different IP address playing on it, they returned it to me.. but PERM MUTED.... and now I can appeal it.. and I'm sure you can find out that the mute was also under his IP Address... I'm so sad that there is no one to help me, this is a problem in the Jagex system that needs to be fixed... there is no way to appeal, I have to get on a alt account to just post a forum!!!!

I have re-posted your original post with the account information removed, as you should not post that information!

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23-Feb-2020 14:59:10

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