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Hi, I've been playing oldschool runescape since 2013, and I put the game down in 2015. I recently started playing the game again, and continued to level my obby mauler account which was last at 97 strength 1 attack. I spent the past month finishing off 99 strength, when finally, about 30 minutes ago, I achieved my goal. I went to the GE to trade myself a berzerker necklace from another account, and hopped to world two to go to clan wars. The whole time I was training with only the slayer staff. I went in clan wars, started fighting someone with slayer staff. I switched to obby maul, and landed a few hits. Suddenly I saw fireworks, and my 1 attack obby mauler was ruined with 2 attack. When I last played the game, attack style always stayed the same no matter what weapon was switched, always on aggressive. Now my is ruined.

I tried to use bug reporter, but keeps telling me to fill in required field, when I have it filled in already. Any suggestions on whom to contact?

08-Jan-2020 21:20:35



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right, so you're trying to tell me after grinding hours on my obby mauler in aggressive attack style, for over 13m exp, and I equip an obby maul, and i see fireworks from a level, that I clicked to attack in accurate mode?

18-Jan-2020 20:39:50

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All I can say is there was a combat update February 2019 and it affected attack styles.

It is very unfortunate that you missed the update and were unaware of the consequences of your weapon switch.

Here are the articles in the news posts:
Autocasting and Attack Styles (first announcement of problems and advice about how to report)
In Other News (closure of thread that allowed players to post to get their accounts checked)
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