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cedrick hat

cedrick hat

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i recently got two of my accounts hacked and sent in recoveries for both. One of them was sucessful but i'm not getting the email to remove the auth. and ive been doing everything the forums and rs support says to do. and its not working. RSN Acid visual. Secondly i can't seem to be able to recover my main account even though im on the same ip it was played on for over three years and i have all the transactions made every on the account in my email on my credit card and know all the passwords used on the accounts. I don't believe a j mod even looked at it as it got denied multiple times in under two minutes...... this happend once before since it is my main and i was able to recover it almost instantly without even having to wait but this was years ago. I recently moved to start schools since i assume this is the problem. I have tried to recover it using multiple different transactoins on the account and nothing has worked. Please for the love of god someone help me. I just want to play again on my main.

20-Jan-2020 01:10:53

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