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my account have received a permanent mute... account was hijacked like 10 years ago and started playing again was it like yesterday.. Changed my character name to dark one 87.
It used to be in the time of a hack just Dark one.
I Rly ejoy playing playing the game after 10 years but would like to have chat and forums back too... Is there anyting to be done?

18-Jan-2020 09:42:15

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Dragon of Ra said:
You can appeal a mute in the Account Mutes - Support page
Not quite.

A couple of important points.

First of all, only accounts with membership can appeal a permanent mute.

Secondly, if the mute has already been appealed, then you may not be able to appeal the mute again, even if you add membership to the account.

If you have an appeal available, the link to do that will appear in the Account Status section of the website Account page.
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Im subscribed now. but mute have been active since 2013. Apparently something to do with hijacking? it says moderator comment suspected hijacking? So can i get my game working normaly since its not my fault that some 1 have tried to scam with hijacked account.
And i bet Jagex could check from which country log ins after 2010 have been? and really dont want to start over with new account

18-Jan-2020 13:43:32

Dragon of Ra
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Dragon of Ra

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Upon creating your account with Jagex you complied to the Terms and Conditions, where in Article 7 about "Your Account and License", it is stated that:

You are responsible for the activities of all persons who use your password to gain access to your account.

Unfortunately as the determination had been reached to maintain the permanent mute held on your account, there is not much else that can be done I am afraid.

In the future, please be mindful of the your account security, some helpful links I will provide for you below:

- Securing your computer

- Securing your account

| RuneScape Support | Code of Conduct | Account Security |

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You only get one appeal. if you dont have that choice then I do not think
there is a way to ask.
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20-Jan-2020 19:53:39

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