Help with ban Issue Please.

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You can check by your account status under ' Account ' on the website here, it will say if it is banned or muted.

If you are muted then you can only use quick chat in RS3 but nothing in OSRS, but if it was banned then that means you couldn't log into the game and It would say your account is disabled.
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Hi again

I have flagged the Amarillo account and this thread for a JMod.

While you wait for a reply:
This particular problem has occurred a few times in recent months - it generally is some sort of glitch in the automated response to a ban appeal.
You have not stated what offence the Amarillo account was banned for. Some offences can be appealed, others cannot.
Have a read of the Account Bans support page as it has a list in there of unappealable offences.
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okey, I See thanks, ill Wait for the J-mod.

It definitively looks like a ban.

My concern is receiving an e-mail from Jagex after the appeal req. saying that it's only muted

and that I should be able to log in. At a mod's req I can resend e-mail.


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