Not receiving osrs emails!

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My maxed main account has been hijacked and when I go to reset my password I don’t get an email? But when I try to recover my account I get an email 6-10hrs later saying it’s been denied, 6 times now and I have entered every detail needed. The hijacker told me via discord he has put a stop to me recovering the account. Is that even possible for him to do or does it fall entirely down to jagex? I just want to know why I am not receiving an email for me to reset my password, it’s a simple fix. And Yes the account is linked to my email still. I don’t understand??? Please help

19-Jan-2020 03:54:42

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As far as I know, it's not possible to stop an account receiving recovery requests. If the linked email is definitely still yours, I'd make sure your email account is secure and then try the suggestions listed here to see if any work. It's possible the emails are being intercepted by the hijacker if they have access to your email account

If not, you'll need to successfully recover it. There's an info page here about what to include in your appeal if you're still struggling to recover it :)

I've also moved your thread to the Community Led Account Help section

19-Jan-2020 09:21:48

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