Nxt running poorly.

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My pc is a ryzen 7 1800x cpu with an rx 580 oc 4gb card 16 gb of ram and the nxt struggles to run at 30 fps even in low detail mode.

I have tried forcing it to only use 4 cores and that did not help the problem.

Any ideas for optimizing on my system?

07-Aug-2019 20:20:45

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The game is a resource hog, that doesn't really make use of multiple processor cores, so I understand at least, but you shouldn't be having these problems.. You might want to run through a round of driver updates just to make sure your hardware's working correctly.

If that doesn't work, you could try compatibility mode in the client's settings (use the menu before you log in - it disappears after you log in), and see if that makes things any better. Or, if it's already on, try turning it off because that will usually tank the framerate in most cases.

Also make sure your Disk Cache is built - use the "displayfps" developer console command. If "Disk Cache" isn't purple and stable, sit in the lobby until it is and see if that helps.

If you have multiple graphics adapters, might also be a good idea to make sure the client's using the right one - if you bring up the developer console and run the "renderer" command, you'll be able to see detail of the adapter; make sure it's your RX580.

It seems unlikely, as with any issue like this, also make sure you're not resource starved in other areas - try closing any other unnecessary process your machine may be running. And general performance/system diagnostics while the client is running using the wider set of tools your OS gives you might also help to find the issue.

In terms of general optimisation, setting the client process to higher priority may help. Closing anything else or temporarily disabling antimalware tooling may also help. If all else fails, using the Java client is an option, but it's on notice, and support will stop at an undefined but increasingly sooner point in the future.

08-Aug-2019 11:52:15

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