Too many login attempts lmao?

Quick find code: 409-410-64-66112945



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Ite so i basically world hopped trying to find a spot at abyssal demons approximately 5 times before i had my main account get locked. i've never had this happen to me before, it's been roughly 2 hours and i still can't log into my account. it's double xp weekend, jagex. sort your game out, couldn't however post a thread on my main cause it wouldn't let me log in on the homepage either. this has to be the most retarded game mechanic to exist i'm js.

27-Jul-2019 17:28:05

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Hi All,

Reporting that I am unable to login from my computer but I am able togin on Mobile using Mobile Data.

Error when logging in game: Too many login attempts
Error when logging in main site: You have been blocked from logging in.

Switching to my backup connection I am able to login on both without any problems

I just went on vacation today and only to be in this situation. This absolutely fantastic

03-Aug-2019 07:57:46

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You probably hopped too fast. Its a security measure because when you hop you log in and out rapidly. When you hop worlds do not hop immediately, wait at least 30 seconds between hopping. Also you might be interested in forcing yourself in someone's spot. Thats what I do, don't care if they complain. People do it to me, I do it back. Been playing since 07 rs2. Have access to classic. Been on osrs since opening.
When botwatch was first relased I went to kill a cow for beef for my lab and saw the BOT USER YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED screen. Was teleported to falador castle. I have never went back to that cow pen to this day.
One account.

05-Aug-2019 19:43:01

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