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Le Maximous
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Le Maximous

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Castle Wars Clan Battles

I represent 'LookItsUs', a large clan of mixed levels and experience.

A lot of us are pre EOC gamers, and thought it would be sick to organise some Castle Wars now with up the RS3 updates.

Currently have 50+ clan members who are actively down to get involved in Castle War Clan Battles, first up best dressed from each clan basically as of capacity restrictions.

If we can get more than one clan (3 total) to agree to a time and date, it would be sick. However clan Vs clan will be equally as good.

Any clans interested, or members. Discuss with you own, and either add me in game or get back to me on here. Looking to do more events in the future like Soul Wars & Pest Control. Keeping it on going, monthly and if things are good, weekly.

Nice one

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