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Skywalker 9

Skywalker 9

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I dont know if this is the right forum, but this is my first time in 15 years in where im trying to contact some of you guys.

last wednesday 18-12-2019 i won the grand price of 50m gp, which would be deposit in my oldschool runescape bank. The money came from the christmas wheel. in which is received an Email about from (<>;).

Is this a scam, or did something go wrong with the money deposit.

yours sincerely,



23-Dec-2019 13:59:43

Jul Member 2008


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(Event Name) Learner raids
Date: 18th January 2020
Time: 1800 game time
World: 89
Location: Mazcab
Host: PvMing FC
FC: Pvming FC

Brief description: Raid learner event for 2hours that will teach mechanics/roles.
PvMing FC
- Bossing FC

12-Jan-2020 21:57:44

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