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I, MekaDragon, will be hosting an IFB/KC/Pet Hunting mass. The event will run for the duration of my stream so people are able to come an go as they please to each boss they wish to kill. Will be done in my FC (MekaDragon), with lootshare ON, as I will also be streaming this and viewers may want to participate.

Bosses/Minigames on the schedule (in no particular order, and not definite):

Soul Wars - Jad Pet
HM Bandos
HM Mole
Corporeal Beast/something else?
Open to other suggestions obviously.

Any Questions, PM me in game, on discord, or ask me when I go live at

Date: 20/01/2020 - Today
Time: 8:00 game time
FC: MekaDragon
World: 49

P.S. Sorry for the shameless plug, but thought people should know whats happening.

20-Jan-2020 05:04:12

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