F2P Drop Parties On Saturday

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I'll be hosting two drop parties in the Falador Party Room on Saturday to celebrate my completion of all free to play quests and subsequent transition to member status. I'm hoping that this will help to instill the sense of community and goodwill that I've experienced since returning to the game.

You guys have been awesome and I want to give back in whatever small way I can. I doubt any newer players will read this so if you have any lower level friends please tell them about it. It'll be a good way for them to save gp or help level stats in their f2p game.

I will be dropping over 40 armor sets, weapons, axes, picks, staves, tens of thousands of runes, thousands of arrows, over 4 dozen enchanted amulets, jewelry, bars, capes, and 1 million gp divided into smaller increments. About half of the equipment will be steel but there will be prizes up to rune available.

Both will be in World 301
First one at between 1-2AM CST
The second will be at 4-5PM CST

I would provide an exact time but I'm going to make rounds to let get more players to attend and I've never payed attention to the amount of time it takes to walk from city to city.
If you've got any recommendations or suggestions, I'd love some advice. Particularly with the timing. Are these good times? I'm aiming for attendance by players worldwide instead those active at a single particular time.

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