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I do want to thank Shauny and all clans involved as well. Everyone should be proud, and every rank is more than deserved. The competition was great and I am confident that I speak for my entire clan when I say that it was an enjoyable journey - even for the members that did not participate. Since it was quick to set up due to the new script, I'd love to see more in the future.

This Cup on its own fared very well. Every competition has iffy situations and oversights are bound to happen. In this scenario it was dealt with in the best manner, having quite some discussions both internally and externally within CLF/CL-Discord. Considering this was a day-off for the hosts involved, it is quite respectable that time was spent to last-moment inform everyone.

Now that most of the commotion has ended, it is probably time to switch to feedback. It is always best to share your concerns in that format anyways. Mistakes happen - unintentionally.

Personally I'd love to see a complete list of the entire rankings throughout the Cup. The daily updates were great, but it would be even better if all clans were able to check their progress throughout the event (perhaps afterwards a progression graph?).
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Thanks for the event Shauny. Also my clan would love to thank you for tackling cheaters in this CUP. After our reports I'm glad you took action, We're very thankful of that.

Congratulations Efficiency Experts on taking #1 off Summit. The Cup was enjoyable, hopefully we can have more Clan Cups in the future.

This competition really did light up the clannin* scene, we defiantly need more vibes like this.

Using Boosts that were not listed obviously is an oversight and the culprits knew this aswel, Just because you got caught, and points removed, does not make this competition unfair. In-fact Jagex should be praised heavily for not ignoring the issues discovered.

Well done to everyone that tried.
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Congratulations! Shame we didn't made it into the top 10! Is there going to be a longer result list being posted soon so we know what place we did end up.

Since we were close to top 10, are none of the 3 others who used the Overgrown idols in the top 10 then?
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28-Aug-2019 17:57:19

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Congratulations to the top 10 Clans for how well they participated in the entire event!
Very proud of Summit who placed #1 and #2, this might be the first clan cup where we got two spots lol

Though I do not agree with how the final decision was handled, hopefully next clan cup there will not be any oversight because otherwise we will find it, prepare yourself Shauny ;)

Good luck to everyone that participates in the next clan cup!

P.S. Shauny if you could make 1hr log sessions at BGH a permanent thing or increase the amount of times you could hunt a dinosaur before it goes into hiding, that would be swell!
P.S.S. Would love to see a different clan cup each month. Perhaps skilling the first then combat then an activity/minigame? It would really spark up the clan involvement and activity scene a lot! The first cup is done so now its just smooth sailing going forward!

Thanks Shauny!

28-Aug-2019 18:25:29

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Thanks to Mod Shauny for planning and implementing the recent Clan Cup. It was a fun week. And congratulations to the Top 10 clans!

(Side note: In all the time Mod Shauny has been on the job at Jagex, I've never seen him conduct himself in anyway other than with integrity. I've no doubt he set out to be as fair as possible to all participants. Judging from previous competitions, part of the appeal for some players is seeking the loopholes and boosts that might have been overlooked in order to gain a competitive edge. In a game with quite a bit of depth, it's not hard to overlook things to disallow. But a genuine effort was made to level the playing field.)

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28-Aug-2019 20:31:22

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scousy said:
Idol boosts are the same thing as the sentinel outfit which was allowed. Thing is vic is here and they are hoping to get outfit sales for the event.

You could bring the outfit in but it was just cosmetic.

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