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Hi team! I've just noticed talk of deranks and my name has come up a few times, both in a positive and less-than-positive-but-certainly-not-negative manner.

I just wanted to say that I fully support anyone who thinks that I should be deranked. I'm not sure if I ever really posted anything about officially quitting the game or anything. Seems unlikely given that one does not simply quit runescape (sorry to bring back a meme from like 2004, but it's a goldie). However as I'm sure that you're all aware, I currently have zero interest in the game. I still pop on occasionally to chat utter balls to people, but most days I log in I don't even leave the lobby.

Perhaps I will get back into the game at some point, but I think that if that's the case, I should earn my rank back from there. Money if you want to demote me semi-quarterly that's fine, or put me to smiley for the time being and we could come to an agreement on a rank if I ever showed interest in the game- and more importantly started pulling my weight in the chat.

For the time being though I'm fine with whatever. And when I'm online I'm always happy to give my opinion on matters if that's ever needed.

I shan't bother saying goodbye because you know I'll be online at least like twice a week anyway to annoy people as usual, but just wanted to make it semi-official in regards to my position in the community so you needn't worry in future derank sessions.

Turrah a bit, chicks!

P.S Today I caught a Vul*** on Pokemon Go next to my house yasssss

12-Jul-2016 23:38:20

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