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Hello Everyone,

Nex and SS was created on November 25th 2011 by Fiery Fenix. At the time, these were high profile and expensive items so it was thought creating a place to keep track of these prices would be beneficial to the community. As the small community grew, we started our own Clan from the few people who had similar interest and slowly but surely we have grown since.

Around September of 2012, Fiery Fenix had to step down as Leader of Nex and SS and a successor was chosen to take his place to continue the Legacy.Here enters Enigmic Azn who took over control. On April 15, 2015 Enigmic Azn handed down the reins to JDogg, who presently rides the Nex and SS train.

What is Nex and SS Fc ?

We’re a Price-Checking FC to keep track of daily prices of our items. Please do not confuse Price-checking and Merching/Flipping. We simply keep track of the prices, Whatever one does with them is their own business.

What is Nex and SS CC ?

Nex and SS clan chat a group of the Original few friends who started when the FC began and since then we’ve slowly grew to what we are today. We do not regularly host events but rather micromanage and encourage our Clan-mates to start events themselves. Some events may be included but is not limited to such as Dungeoneering, Pvm, and Minigames such as SC and WBS. We do engage in Citadel work if applicable.

Our Clan is always recruiting, For those interested, Either leave a note of it here or join our CC “ Nex and SS” and ask for an invite.

For all Concerns/Questions/Disputes, Feel free to post them here and we will try our best to answer to them within 24-48 hours.

1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Rules of FC
1.3 - Rules of FC continued
1.4 - Extra rules for ranks
1.5 - Price checking policy + How Price checking work
1.6 - NaS Round Up!
1.7 - Reserved
1.8 - FC/CC Hall of Achievements
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The Rules of Nex and SS FC

You may PC from Lobby if using the Companion App.

No manipulation of prices. You will be removed if caught and banned if it continues.

Show respect to everyone. This includes Ranks.

Do not Spam the FC or overuse symbols when requesting a pc. You will be warned at first but may be kicked instantly if it is deemed excessive at the discretion of the ranks online.

You may go off-topic only if there is an active pcer in the FC and Only if they are fine with it. Off-topic spams the FC where the Pcer may not see request or updates.

Do not ask or answer any off-topic Pc items.

Do not offer screenshots to try and defend a conflict. We do not accept them for the fact it is quite easy to alter and can potentially lead to malicious attacks.

No Trolling or Drama. This includes ill-talk of other FCs.

There is no trading in the FC period. Do not even try to organize it outside the FC, you will be removed.

No Commenting on Kicks. This is counter-productive and creates Spam.
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Rules continued

No Pc-stealing. If someone is currently pcing and they do not want help, do not attempt to pc while they are doing so. If there isn't currently a Price Checker, anyone, ranked or non-rank is able to PC. Sharing lists are recommended since it lightens the load and the times will count equally.

When you are the active Pcer, please do note to round when applicable. Examples being if there is a 42.15 Instant sale - Round it down to 42+ instead of 42.1+
This helps keep the lines less cluttered. Try to keep the pcs in increments of 1m or 500k when applicable. Use of symbols is fine aswell.

When making a report, please make it clearly such as " Sold X for XX.X followed by whether it was Instant or non-instant buy or sell. That is all we need to know. Please no overnight prices or stating length of sale.

Pc times do not Carry over. They will be reset every 1st of the new month after promotions are done.

Do not ask for advice when purchasing the topic items or ask for margins. Our prices are strictly guide prices.

No Trending, please! You will be warned first before being removed. If the initial Trending is deemed excessive, you may be removed without warning. * The FC title will now display the current forum thread version.

I am excited to announce as of 4/22/15 we are now allowing lobbiers in NaS!. F2P and OS-RS may or may not be warned before removal. The only exception to this are to Star ranks since they can monitor and keep the FC in order. This includes ranks below stars aswell, you have a rank and can join the FC whenever you choose.

If you have a conflict with someone’s update. Simply state that you do and address how whether you have a lower or higher sell/buy in. Do not use the word manip even if it is obvious.

You may be removed for stupidity and lack of common sense. Be warned.
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Extra Rules for Ranks

After removing someone, state their name and reason so others know the reasoning behind it. This does not apply to known trolls and obvious blatant spam.

This may apply to non-ranks too but post your list on our forum after you’re done pcing. This will help keep track of prices and helps us when we are doing promotions.

Be 100% positive before you kick somebody for manipulation.

Do not try to use rank as a means to abuse power. Disciplinary action will be brought against the rank in question if found guilty.

Ranks may update the price with an incomplete offer only if the Price is very old and there is no update . This is highly rare and isn’t often used.

If you have recommendations for rank ups before each promotion, feel free to Pm PM JDogg or simply post here.

For Star ranks, if you are being inactive and have no given prior notice, you may be deranked for someone more active to replace you. This occurs to all levels.

How to deal with conflicts

If a conflict is done by a non-rank, simply ignore the update given and keep the previous.

If there is a conflict by a rank member of the FC, you will be removed. If there is no high ranks in the FC, you may ask for one in our Clan chat.

The only scenario for removing a player by non-rank conflict is if there is an excessive amount of them.
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Price Checking Policy

This applies to Ranks under stars. The rank list has been updated as of 4/22/15.

You are required to PC at minimal 4 hours every month to maintain your rank.

If you want a promotion, you will need to do 5+. The rest depends on merit.

For non-ranks who want a rank, you will need to pc minimal 5 hours to achieve this. You may be given this at any time during the month.

Very rarely will someone achieve a rank or even move up without price-checking at some point.

We will not require Star ranks to PC however, if you wish to maintain your Star, you will need to be active in the FC.

For those wishing to join the ranks of Stars. You will be required to PC and the other criteria is mostly common sense and seniority. If you’ve been following the rules and helping the FC and quite active, we will take note of it. There is only a certain amount of spaces open for Stars and they will be replaced if deemed inactive to make room for new ones.

How Does our Price checking work ?

< = Less than. This is an instant-buy or a non-instant sell.
+ = More than. This is an instant-sell or a non-instant buy.

Order Given usually.

Shields = Spectral/Arcane/Elysian/Divine
Boots/Gloves = Virtus/Perni*/To*va
Nex Sets = Helm/Body/Legs.
Misc = Zaryte Bow/Virtus Wand/Virtus book (ZWB)
Box sets - Tor*a/Perni*/virtus (box)

Please read all the rules and such prior to going down here to learn how it works.
It is up to the Pcer at hand to decide whether they want to use symbols to increase accuracy or the updates or not.
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NaS Round Up!

Coming soon...

This poll will run for approximately 2 weeks~. This poll is open to everyone, not just ranks! One vote per account.

: We WILL now allow lobby to remain in the FC!

PC Cycle
: We WILL now be starting PC cycles on the 1st of each month!

B/S System
We will NOT be changing to the B/S price checking system.

Glacor Boots
We WILL be pcing Glacor Boots again for a period of time. (Suggested by Rufoo & 120 Attack)

Nex box Sets
: We WILL now be price checking Nex box sets in the FC!
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Hall of Fame Achievements

Consecutive Hours

Sir Sausage Pcing 30.5 hours Consecutively.

JDogg - Pcing 29 hours Consecutively.

S Z - Pcing 24 hours Consecutively

Monthly Hours (effective March 2015, minimum of 100)
JDogg 181 hours

Sir Sausage - 152 Hours 10 Mins

Ruf* the Ufo- approx 146 hours

JDogg 138 hours

Congratulations to Ruf* the Ufo for finally making it into the hall of fame with approx. 146 hours in one month!!

Will YOU be the next one on the hall of fame?
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Enigmic Azn has given me permission to recreate this thread,

Original message details are unavailable.

I give Permission to Jdogg to Recreate this thread.

You may now post!

* .,**,.*****
***** * . *
Ñëx and ŠŠ
¸ . · *°‘´¨
¸·™ˆ·.,¸¸,. ´
` .„¸¸,
. › »¸
` . ,¸¸,
. .¸
¸. .
,¸¸, . ´
¸« ‹ .
,¸¸„. ´
` .,¸¸, . ·
` . ,¸
¸,. ´
· . ,¸¸,. ´
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Dr Sid PhD

Dr Sid PhD

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JDogg said:
Hall of Fame Achievements

Special Notes

- Jelz - Biggest
of 2015. Dismissed Vitalis Pet after receiving after only 60 vorago kills.

This part especially true!!!

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