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RuneScape on Twitch!

Hello Twitchers!

Whether you want to watch live streams or get involved by streaming yourself, this is the thread for you.

In this thread you've got the streaming schedule, streaming news and details on how you can get involved with the RuneScape Twitch Channel as a guest streamer.

Upcoming RuneScape 3 Streams (every Saturday at 9pm GMT):
• 19th April - RuneScape Gathering with Mod Lee
• 26th April - ScapeSkill
• 3rd May - N S X

Upcoming Old School Streams (every Friday at 9pm GMT):
• 18th April - Iamhuman
• 25th April - Chris Archie
• 18th April - 6pm B0aty & 9pm Alisha

Streaming News:
16th April

This week we've got more streaming than ever with featured streamers and J-mods streaming from today, right up to the end of the weekend.

Streaming picks up the pace with more streams coming on Sundays and our first Friday night double bill booked for early May.

Meanwhile, a subscribe button appeared on the channel last week so we're busy creating a subscriber package you won't want to miss out on. More details on that, soon!

So who are our featured streamers this week?

Friday 18th April
9pm to late - Old School RuneScape streamer “Iamhuman" (AKA GroovyGarrett) is primed and ready for his Featured Streamer spot on the RuneScape Twitch channel. He’s got RuneScape membership to give away, loot prizes, games and a stack of PvM planned for his stream which you can check out from 9pm BST on Friday 18th (OSRS)

Saturday 19th April
6pm to late - The RuneScape Gathering has become an annual event held on Ice Mountain that celebrates all that’s good in the RuneScape community. The RuneScape Twitch channel will be in attendance with Mod Lee hosting a live stream special throughout the event. He’ll bring you the best of the event while talking to a gaggle of players and J-mods all while dishing out a bunch of RuneCoins, membership and XP lamps. Mod Lee leaps into action from 6pm BST on Saturday.

Oh, and to give as many people a chance to win, only one winning code per player per stream! ; )

For full competition terms and conditions, check out: 254-255-318-65282252

Guest Stream FAQ
If you're a streamer looking to grow your audience, want to guest host on the official RuneScape Twitch channel or have a great idea for a stream, have a read of this delightful FAQ:

What’s a guest stream?
Guest Streams feature on the official RuneScape twitch channel on Saturdays for RS3 and on Friday’s for Old School streams at 9pm GMT. Guest Streams feature RuneScape’s twitch community and can be about anything RuneScape related in any format.

What’s the aim of guest streams?
There are a few:
- provide a Twitch platform for entertaining and engaging content for players to watch
- create a group home for the RuneScape twitch community
- support and promote live streamers and their channels
- promote twitch viewing and the RuneScape twitch channel to the new and existing twitch viewers

What can I stream?
Anything goes if it’s RuneScape related and doesn’t go against common sense and the RuneScape rules of conduct. Here are just a few of the approaches to streaming that we’d love to include: quizzes, tournament coverage, challenges, Q&As, interviews, reviews, walkthroughs, skilling sessions, PvP/PvM trips, competitions, giveaways, how 2 guides… the list goes on.

How do I get a guest stream?
Get in touch with me by emailing and telling us your idea.

What support will I get from Jagex?
- Guest streamers get promoted to the RuneScape community through a combination of news posts, the front page, twitter, Facebook, and on the home page of our twitch channel.

I want to join the VIP Video Program. How do I get involved?
The VIP Video Program is home to registered streamers and video makers. The forum us just about to get a revamp to make it the true home of video makers and streamers on the RuneScape forums. Meet other streamers, share ideas and work with Jagex on video and streaming projects. To apply, send an email to with a link to your Twitch or YouTube page.

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I love what you guys are doing with Twitch Jagex, you are really bringing the community together by hosting the guest streams and giveaways as well. Its great to know that staff isn't afraid to get out there and play along with the players themselves.

Thanks and keep it up :)

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First page for the first time

And that is cool I watch Streams myself so this is a great thing. Keep up the good work Jagex on this front
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Feel free to guest in our clan chat ! it is always open

14-Mar-2014 18:49:18

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14-Mar-2014 19:19:18

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