First Ever RuneScape Game Show

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RuneScape Trivia! (Or simply RuneTrivia!)

This can either be in Jeopardy! format, or also in quiz show format with multiple choices, or even a mini-game!

The first idea is a RuneScape "Jeopardy!" game show, where the clues are one-sentence phrases that come from "examines" all throughout the game:

- For example, if the clue is: "Useful for lighting a fire." -- The correct answer would be: "What is tinderbox."
- If the clue is: "A venerable and rich sage." -- The correct answer is: "Who is the Wise Old Man."

RuneCategories can range from RuneScape places (such as "examines" from Falador, etc.), types of food, skills, creatures, and more!

IF "Jeopardy" mini-game format, XP is awarded on the number of questions correct, and players can choose XP in which they want to level (like XP lamps). Questions correct result in GP won, with players risking their GP won on a "Daily Double." Players can play solo, teams, or competitive!

IF game show format, players receive RuneTrivia questions on anything RuneScape Trivia (For example: "In what year did thieving first become a skill?" -- four choices: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 -- Correct Answer = 2002)

-- Series of 15 questions, could win up to 1M GP/XP... Increments of 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 7500, 10000, 20000, 50000, 75000, 100000, 200000, 300000, 500000, 750000, 1000000. But if a question is answered wrong, they lose everything and have to play again within 24 hours.. In this format (solo), players would only have up to 30 seconds to answer (avoid cheating). Solo, teams, pvp, or competitive

If comp/team/pvp, whoever answers more questions correctly win. If tie, sudden death.

Teams/pvp/comp can risk GP amounts before game, like Duel Arena. Winner takes loser's GP risked, plus GP won in actual game.

Only playable once every 24 hrs.

This will also be great for RuneFest: Making RuneScape more interactive, educational, fun, and providing an opportunity for players to connect and learn more about the game in the process!

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Hello & Welcome to ‘Skim Google for the answers before the timer runs out’.

Problem with implementing an In-game game show is it’s too easy to cheat. Either by using google, or in the case of the drop just remembering what the questions and answers were.
, the patch week pet.
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