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"The first time you log into a wild world, you will start with an empty bank.
You will start with nothing and progress from scratch. No weapons, no armour, no potions or food. No items at all. "

I tried to read through most of what you said, but this bit piqued my worry a bit. I used to play a game where, when a newbie got off of the "tutorial island" they would be straight dropped into a spot where veteran players would sit in waiting to kill them. Naturally nothing would be lost since they have no gear or anything, but I know in this other game a lot of newbies felt discouraged to play at all due to the straight out harassment by veterans that they could do nothing against. I didn't find you providing a solution to that? You did mention a possible safe area for skilling, so maybe players who start out could spawn in that area and work on getting weapons and gear before facing off against others? And when they leave said area perhaps they should be sent to a random spot on the map, as otherwise some would just hang around right outside the safe spot and wait for people to come out.

Perhaps a method to practice PVPing a bit before actually putting things at risk? If you find yourself new to it, only to skill to get your gear together, have no clue how to go about things, lose everything, return to skilling and proceed the process, it'll become very unpleasant for these who just want to learn and practice until they can stand their ground somewhat.

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Also a bit of a personal appeal from my side on out, but I cannot stress this enough; I personally believe all content should be available to players who do not wish to partake in pvp. Sure this pvp option can and should by all means be rewarding, but pvp was never the main focus of the game, and should not be obligatory content for players who just like the generic game without pvp. So no locking skills, pets, comp/mqc reqs or other content behind pvp. I'd be fine with for instance making skill codexes or weaponry available only through pvp which can then be sold through the GE, so players who enjoy PVP can earn a sweet penny out of the thing they worked for, whereas non-PVPers don't find themselves forced to partake just so they can keep up with abilities and whatnot. But if there is no means to buy such things or acquire them through alternative methods, you'll find a whole lot of players who reluctantly join in while they truly don't want to, only to sit there complaining.

Other than that, love the idea! It'd be great if there was a proper solution for PVPers. Here's for hoping!

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Hey Tieru. Thank you for expressing your concerns.

I did think about that situation, and that's why I created the "spawn at random location upon death" mechanic. This way it will be hard to grieve new players as you don't know where they will spawn and you will have no way to track them.

Yes, that's a good idea that players could choose to be sent to a random location. Thank you for that :) An npc within the valley of peace could offer free random teleports - as a way to get out of the area without having a stalker follow you out with lethal intention ;)

Yes, the valley of peace was created as a way to help players get back on their feet after a loss, or when just starting out with the new wild game play. Moderate gear/supplies can be safely obtained.

A duel option could be available within the valley of peace (the same as in the normal world) for players that wish to practice PVP safely.

I completely get you about not forcing people to play the content, which is why:Stoic n Vain said:
There will be no achievements in The New Wild. No one will be forced into playing this content.
Stoic n Vain said:
You can use wilderness points to convert new ability codex’s (uniquely dropped by the bosses on this world) to enable you to sell them to other players in real Runescape.
Way ahead of you :P

The only things that weren't able to be traded on "the outside" were the ghostly pet versions of bosses (obtained by killing the corresponding boss within The New Wild). I know you are against any pets being unlocked exclusively through playing on the wild world, but I feel that these pets are a good way to show off your prowess in TNW and shouldn't be a buy-able. I'd prefer them to be earned. None of these pets will be a prerequisite to any other content in the game though, so perhaps you won't mind.

Thank you so much! I'm hoping that this will be that solution ^_^
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