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Hello dear RuneScape team, I´m a veteran player in a new account and coming back to the game I realized that my favourite skill has not been touched in eons!

Guys, you got some really cool looking buildings in your game, not only in reworked towns but also in your dungeons and minor size cool places like the Artisan´s Workshop. But where is the updates in the player owned house?

I´ve got some ideas that I want to share with you, hopefully it can contribute to the update whenever it arrives (which I hope soon hahaha)

So the first thing would be that based in your construction level you should be able to have different architectural options in your buildings/house and also different terrain expansions to work with.

We should be able to build castles, dark castles, towers, houses, mansions in that pretty style-like of your newest features, you know? [Ask the community what they would preffer]

Also inside of these places, you could have a different number of rooms according to the building, and the rooms can be the normal ones like what we have now in the new art-style-updated-format AND you could also add SPECIAL rooms only unlockable upon achievments, like the option to build your own forge (in the style of the artisansworkshop) upon getting level 70 in smithing for example (and being able to improve features upon leveling up more) a special room for the people who completed all their 99s, one for completionists, a throne room, vithrals, etc.

Guys, a player owned house is something really important in which the player should be able to see its achievments reflected, its a place to hangout with friends and feel proud of your stuff. A lot of people love building stuff and having a place to call their own, even if its in a videogame, is gud. [I really think you should make a small version of this F2P to even encourage the f2p to become members to improve even further their house]

I really hope I get to see something like this in this game, it would be lovely.

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Btw, would be cool if we get armor stands wherever we want them to be in the building and for whatever type of armor, because for example, I would love to have all my melee armor collection. I´m sure many people would think the same. (from bronze to masterwork) It´s boring to having my armor sets sleeping my bank ya know :P

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