Sandstone grinder device

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Are you mining/grinding sandstone for the blessed flask? Feeling like mining and grinding is a huge grind? Actually, two huge grinds... well, not anymore!

From the creators of the Flatpack Depacker comes the Stone Grinder device! It will auto-grind the sandstone as you mine it, streamlining the process of getting that rare fine sand. Made with 50 head parts, 50 metallic parts and 10 strong components at level 65 invention, this incredible device comes with 1000 charges, using up one charge per sandstone block, regardless of size.

Step up from the middle ages to the industrial revolution with the Stone Grinder device!
(please Jagex devs, make this to save the common player from excessive grind :))

24-Jan-2020 19:58:10

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They won't do this.

Simply said they want masterwork-esque systems to suck, so only few players would actually do this and be able to earn decent money with skilling. They literally said they haven't managed to make masterwork smithing suck enough.

The thing is - if you're not interested in grinding you can buy ground and blessed sand from other players - that's the sole intention behind it being so as it is.
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