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Hello RS community,

My main account, TRAPxLORD420, was recently hacked. I was very close to maxing after many years of playing, and I logged on one day to find my cash stack was liquidated, my GE history had 6 augmentation dissolvers purchased and my main weapons and equipment were gone. So I reconciled with what had happened, that I had lost about 400m, and realized it is not the end of the world. I changed my password and thought about quitting, but decided maybe I could make due and rebuild my bank. I went to login today, and find that my account had been banned due to macroing on OSRS. I am very sad that my account was comprised and that I am not able to play the account I spent almost 10 years building up, almost maxing and being only one quest away from the QP cape. If there is any IP tracking behind the ban appeals, I hope they see that a foreign IP accessed my account somehow. Unfortunately, all forums and RS guidelines seem to say there is nothing to be done. I with a very heavy heart will not be playing Runescape again if this is the case, because it feels a bit too harsh to have to start all over after doing almost everything in the game just because my account was compromised without my consent. Is there anything I can do RS community? This all really is a huge bummer, as I will miss this rich community and game experience. Thanks everyone, have a good one!


24-Jan-2020 21:59:49

Asahel Frost
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Hi beatautistic.

First of all, please secure your PC, email and Runescape accounts using the advice here:
Keeping your email secure

For information about the ban, and the ban appeal process, see this support page:
Account Bans
You can appeal a macroing ban there.
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24-Jan-2020 22:29:13

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@ merkage mage - Thank you for creating your own thread for your particular issue. As that has been done, your post above has been removed so that this thread can focus on beatautistic's concerns.

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