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Husk Hunter

Husk Hunter

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I wasn't going to ask or seek assistance with this, but it's slightly eating me alive inside.

I'm a returning older player, and I had recently started playing again.
Didn't really know a lot of stuff as it changed (metal bank, ore box, money pouch...)
Anyways, using Treasure Hunter I got a lamp that adds XP to a skill.
Unintentionally, XP was added to my magic skill.
Glitch, lag, refresh rate, or my lack of knowledge of the new game updates, a mistake was made.

Again I don't think anything will come from this but if I could get my magic skill rolled back to 1 I would GREATLY appreciate it.
To explain my "eating me alive inside"; again, older RS player where skillers were few and far in-between.

Thanks for the time and consideration.
If not, I completely understand.

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If you didn't know about the rework then why did you gain a bunch of mining and smith levels early 2019 after the rework... just wondering... seems fishy.

26-Jan-2020 03:58:54

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