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i spit on 23

i spit on 23

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Hi so I've never posted on forums before.

I've played runescape for well over a decade must be 14 years now on the same account. I've been away for work and finally got back and decided to log back in and play. However, on both RS3 and Old-school I was displayed with the lovely message Banned as I've been involved in some serious rule breaking.

I can say now that I have not broken a single rule and have invested a ton of my life and money into this game and now I cant even have the simple leisure of talking to any staff or support and just waiting for a appeal blindly whether I'm allowed an unban or not this is absolute ridiculous. I'm going to lose both Rs3 and old-school accounts which I love and a ton of time wasted as some low life has managed to get past an authenticator on both accounts and destroy everything I have worked for

is there no way to talk to any staff members cause at this point of no reply I'm so tempted to go straight to their HQ cause this is ridiculous that nothing is happening. I don't understand how they can get through an authenticator.

No I have no clicked on any dodgy links I'm very secure with my things so I literally have no clue how this has happened since I've been gone. Its annoying to not even know if I'll get these accounts back with so much time logged and no one can even get the courtesy of a fast response or even an effective one

I have no clue what to do....

25-Jan-2020 06:42:46

Dragon of Ra
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Dragon of Ra

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Hi there,

By posting on the forums you are not communicating with Jagex staff, but rather members of the community who volunteer their time to help you.

If you would like to communicate directly with Jagex about your issue, your only means is by submitting an appeal for your account ban in the Account Bans Support page. However, do keep in mind that there are only certain offences that are appealable, and each account get only one chance to appeal their ban.

If this is subsequently denied, then I'm sorry to say but that is the end of the road for this account.

Best of luck.

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25-Jan-2020 07:07:57

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