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My Social media account has no way to log in to Old School

I have a Runescape account created with my Facebook account.
I’ve used it for a few years and it’s what I’d consider to be my “main”, and it’s the one I subscribe on.

I want to try Oldschool, but it doesn’t support Facebook accounts. Even worse, I don’t seem to be able to tie an email address to it!

I’ve been on the “Add a login email to Facebook created accounts” support page, but after clicking “linked accounts” (step 3), I still don’t have the option to add a new email address or password (the image in step 4 never comes up) - it just comes up with Twitch, Facebook and Gmail, and says my Facebook is currently linked.

I’ve checked every email address I have (including the one listed as my recovery email), but none of them are linked to my account!

Please help!!

25-Jan-2020 15:39:28

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