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Niyah said:
Is there any point in Ironman-mode players interacting with them? I've seen conflicting information.

Some have said that we can still get the pet from interacting with them, but whenever I've interacted with them I've received the message that Irons can't receive rewards from the balloons.
Hi Niyah,

I can confirm that Irons can get the balloon pet followers from these "Summer Escape" hourly balloon drops!!!

I already had the cat and dog balloon animals, (and for the life of me, I can't remember when I got them) and despite getting the message, "You cannot obtain any balloon prizes from these balloons as an ironman.", I did receive both the goat and the sheep balloon follower pets.

I didn't receive anything else, of course. But, hey...I just wanted the pets - HA !!!

So if you irons are after the balloon pets - Keep on poppin'!!!! And good luck!

***And FYI: It only took about 6 drops, popping 8-12 balloons each time to get the goat and sheep.


11-Aug-2019 09:29:59

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