Double fragment issue

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Red Robin

Red Robin

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I am not getting double skilling fragments this weekend. It clearly states that on the weekend you should get double the amount of skill outfit fragments. So for stuff like camoflauge outfit fragments. However, I am still only getting 200 at a time at 99 thieving so either its a bug or its a lie. Please fix.

11-Aug-2019 21:40:23

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Well in 93 thiev and before this weekend i got around 45-50 fragment from pp and so on, only got more from shifting tomes/sands or what they called.

So if you get 200 from pp, then your are getting 2xfragment, fragment from thieving follow a lower rate the other sets.

11-Aug-2019 23:03:34

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Are you sure you only getting 200?, with these types of updates they don't always change the chat box so it might say you got 200 but really you may have got double. Check with the amount in your pouch after each drop just to be sure.

12-Aug-2019 01:32:31

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