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Welcome to
Reborn as a new clan (on September 1st), we are an old family who has stuck together throughout the times.

We're a
tightly knit community
. We have fun together, we grow together, and most importantly,
we look out for each other
. Some of us are RS veterans, some are returning players who want to re-learn the game with eoc and all the new content, and some are experiencing Runescape for the very first time ever!
No matter your path, you will feel at home with us. :)

Our home world is World 46. Rarely will you visit that world's Grand Exchange and not see at least a few of our members. We are active, and our presence is noticeable.

Our motto:
"It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice"

Our mission is to harbor a
FUN, friendly and safe community
for anyone to learn and/or contribute to others. Whether it be questions, fixing your ability/action bar, getting familiar with a new skill, questing, flipping, PvM, PvP, we have someone who can help ;).

Total active members: 62 and growing!
Citadel tier: 1.

While we encourage you to invite a friend to join, we value quality over quantity so as not to compromise
the spirit of teamwork which is sacred to us.

Current Leadership:

Deputy Ower:
Dank Ski, Bitmoji, Scarves

Table of Content

1. Clan Rules
2. Becoming a member
3. Events and competitions
4. Ranks and promotions

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1. Clan Rules

- The clan abides by all Jagex rules.

- Respect

Mutual respect between all members regardless of rank is a must.

- De-escalate

Avoid controversial and heated topics in the clan chat. De-escalate if a conversation is taking an intense turn.

- No fighting

Please resolve disputes amicably in pm. If that fails, refer to an Admin+ to clear up the matter peacefully.

- Swearing

While swearing is okay, do not do it excessively/unnecessarily and do not direct it at others in the clan.

- No spamming

- Don't be toxic.

- Have fun! Enjoy yourself and let others do so as well :)

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2. Becoming a member

To join our family, please
reply to this thread answering the following questions briefly
, so we get to know you a little! There are no requirements to join the clan. The clan experience is whatever you make out of it yourself: the more invested you are, the more rewarding it will be!

Activity and communication are key.
We are all understanding of real-life circumstances and real life always comes first, but communication is essential. (especially as you rank up in the clan, so as to ensure a smooth continuity for all clan activities and chats).

Name you go by (if different than username)
Combat level
Total level
Any particular goals or interests in Runescape?
Why would you like to join Revisal?
If you heard about us through a friend, let us know who!
Have you read and understood the clan rules?
Would you be willing to help with the Citadel?
Anything else you'd like to share about yourself? :)

We will review the application ASAP. After that, for an invitation, feel free to add: RainbowLova, Dank Ski, Bitmoji, Eloquentes, Scarves.

Our discord server:

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3. Events and competitions

Our members are always
running group activities and mini-events on a daily basis.
Be it a Skilling party, Elite Dungeons, helping each other with Reaper tasks, questing, anything... We enjoy doing things together and helping each other out.

We also host prizes and giveaways for cappers and members in general.

We organize
activities, events, and competitions to promote a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.
We love a challenge!

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4. Ranks and promotions

Once a month, Admins+ get together to discuss clan ranks. The main criteria we assess for promotions are:

(how long you've been in the clan)
(do you take it upon yourself to answer questions in the cc and contribute to others where possible?)
(do you engage/communicate with other clannies?)
(do you cap every week to help the clan citadel move forward?)

As mentioned, your clan experience is what you make out of it.
Rank does not equate to status, but to responsibility.
The higher your rank, the more you promote and contribute to the clan. Our ranking system offers a guideline for advancement in the game. Recruits look toward higher ranks for help, so game experience is expected to progress with rank.

Rank details:

- Recruit to Sergeant

Centered around longevity, capping, and communication.

- Sergeant to General

You are expected to show self-initiative, and contribution to others where you can. You are also expected to engage in the clan chat with other members. Must show a drive to conduct mini group activities with other members and a desire to better the community. +130 cmb, 1500+ total, 1 month+ for Captain.
138 cmb, 2000+ total level, 2 months+ for General. Combat requirements are exempt for skillers and such builds.

- Administrator

Essential to the moderation and smooth running of the clan chat, discord server, and activities. Must be invested in the clan and show effort to promote and protect a healthy, safe, and fun environment.

- Organizer and Coordinator

Clan event creators and moderators.

- Overseer, Deputy Owner, and Owner:

Clan leaders who oversee all clan matters.

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