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Ethan VIII

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Story recap
New page, for a new beginning of a story that began in the ocean, on a clear bright day. The dragon had a cool penguin friend with purple fuzzy. They decided to grab ice cream just north of the swamp tree. It tasted like smelly dirty slippers, such an exquisite and delicious flavour! It reminded them of their favourite adventure. To investigate the hidden cave they equipped headtorches, packed some sandwiches and their most cherished socks: neon bright eye-catching colors! They attempted to carefully approach the glowing light emanating from the deep, dank cave. They soon found the amazing but mostly secretive and hidden cerulean blue pool.
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Dragonkite's legendary book ~ HOW DOES IT WORK?
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that continues the previous one.
- At the end, we merge everything together and publish our book! :P

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