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-About us-

Lagara is a newly formed clan within recent weeks and we are aiming to give you a warming experience with us where you'll be provided with plenty of laughs.
Our clan is a public clan and will be open to all members, we'll just expect respect and maturity should you decide to join us. :)
Being a new clan isn't the easiest, we'are aware of the competition when getting your name out there and we'll be willing to push through each & every hurdle to get where we want
and need to be as a clan that provides a loving community for it's members.

-What are we planning on providing as a clan?-

We have plenty things lined up for our events for example! We just don't want to phase in events too quickly, but we'll be sure to take your suggestions
on board on how we'll be introducing them through our early days that's for sure! However, we'll be bringing in the good ole' raffles & lotteries in at a moments notice!
We'll also be bringing in Skilling events, PvM events, Boss events and many more!

-Why join as a whole though?-

We knew this question was going to crop up in your head. Honestly, we come from a wider group of players all with love and passion for other games too, maybe once you have a gander
around the Discord you'll get an idea, in-fact I'll drop our link below.

We really really want our beloved OSRS to be a part of this so we've decided to introduce ourselves here as a separate side OSRS clan which we refer ourselves to 'Lagara Clan'.
Whatever you decide though, you'll find the people we do have are incredibly down to earth and willing to give you their time and you'll most definitely find like minded,
passionate individuals who share the same passion for OSRS as you do! :)

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This list of rules will be specific to our in-game clan chat as our Discord has a whole set of seperate rules.

1. First and foremost we expect you to follow JaGex's rules, here's a link to them. :)

These rules cover both Rs3 and OSRS & also apply to our clan.

2. When representing our clan or if you're generally just active within our clan chat we ask members to treat each other with respect. We know disagreements happen &
if that is the case just ignore or block the other person and get in touch with a ranked member of staff.

3. No illicit talks within our clan chat. Where it's perfectly fine to talk about real life issues and generally chat and go off topic because we'are human, we won't
tolerate talk about sensitive issues, politics, drugs or anything else which may fit into a similar category.

4. No begging within our clan.

5. No trolling or aggravating other members within the clan.

6. No luring.

7. No enouragement of rulebreaking. (Applies to both the clan rules and game rules)

8. No advertisement within our clan chat. (Streamers may get certain exceptions)

9. You must split if you are partaking in any boss events or duo's.

10. English only within our clan chat.

11. No excessive spam within our clan chat.

12. Don't be too quick to trust, just because someone is a part of our clan does not mean lend them your items, being the public clan that we are there will always be members with unknown intentions.

13. Don't pk other members of our clan, we'are hoping to work with each other not against each other.

If you feel anyone may have broken our clan rules send a DM to a Lagara members of staff such as IM Wii or RNJheezus so that person can be dealt with, also you can use the in-game report features to report that person to JaGex too.

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Ranking system

We'd like to enlighten you guys on how we are going to rank members within our clan, you can be assured that we will be monitoring members behaviors, how frequent one splits loot, how positive one is, and how helpful one is. If you're planning on achieving something with us those actions are what we expect to see. :)

- Also known as our General rank, this rank is unobtainable within the clan. IM Wii is essentially our overseer of the OSRS section of our clan and also has wider duties within our Discord and such. Wii's main duties entail keeping ranks below him in check and making sure duties are being carried out by clan members, essentially coordinating things right from the back. As an Administrator Wii will always have the final say.

- Also known as our Captain rank, there are currently limited positions with this rank as Moderators are trusted individuals working closely with the Administrator with clan coordination. Moderators will be fulfilling day to day duties and supporting other members of staff with duties.

- This is our Lieutenant rank.

>More to add

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