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1. Username: My username is Avlarion

2. How many other active accounts do you have, and the RSN for one each?; I have 2 other alts. With one i play on OSRS, that account is called Polsair. Also, i just started today with another alt that is called V2 Avlarion.

3. Total Level: My total level is 2324

4. What area within our clan interests you the most and explain (i.e Events/Leadership etc)?: I like a leadership role because I am an active Runescape player. I play Runescape since 2006. I love to help other clan mates out where needed. I also like to host and create events. Like to keep thing updated. Like, news about and from the clan. Think about a channel in the discord where we can post those things.

5. In your words what does it mean to be in a social clan?: In my words it means to be kind to each other. Have fun with other clan mates, doing alot of events and things together. Like, social skilling, social pvm social mine games . Doing quests together and that kind of stuff.

6. Have you belonged to a clan before, and if so what clan(s)?: Yes, I have been in more than one clan before. I was deputy ownr of those clans. It was all a mix of skilling, social, community, pvm.

7. Reason for leaving prior clan: I think over a year now that i don't belong to any clans. But the main reason was that the other deputy owners and the owner it self never showed up. So i had to do most things on my own, now I don't mind doing that ofcourse but it's a bit hard to organize everything on your own.

8. What is rule #7 on our rules?: That you don't beg by other clan members

9. What is your favorite thing to do in game?: Skilling, hanging out with people and pvm.

10. Do you understand and agree to follow the rules of Serene Wolves?: Yes, i understand and agree to follow the rules of Serene Wolves.

11. How did you find our clan, did someone recruit you, if so who?: I had a topic on the forum.

12. Do you agree to keep all drama out of the clan chat?: Yes, I agree

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