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1. Username: IkamArmer

2. How many other active accounts do you have, and the RSN for one each?;
0 other accounts and i don't know what a RSN is, sorry about that

3. Total Level:

4. What area within our clan interests you the most and explain (i.e Events/Leadership etc)?:
The social side of the clan is what interests me most.

5. In your words what does it mean to be in a social clan?:
being in a social clan is being connected with people you can chat and have a laugh with, as well as having people you can turn to for help and advice and being some one who can offer help and advice.

6. Have you belonged to a clan before, and if so what clan(s)?:

7. Reason for leaving prior clan:

8. What is rule #7 on our rules?:
no begging clan members for anything

9. What is your favorite thing to do in game?:
I don't have a set favourite activity, it all depends on what mood I'm in our how much time i can play or how much attention i can give while playing.

10. Do you understand and agree to follow the rules of Serene Wolves?:

11. How did you find our clan, did someone recruit you, if so who?:
i checked the forums for clans and what there expectations where for new recruits,

12. Do you agree to keep all drama out of the clan chat?:
My Dramas are my own so i don't broadcast them

01-Oct-2020 15:16:04

Leo Atradies
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Leo Atradies

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Hey Ikamarmer,

Thank you for applying to Serene Wolves. Your application was successful, and we'd like to welcome you into our clan. Please join our clan chat as a guest and ask for an invite. We have a Discord voice chat server that has important information that you should read. Also please remember to get your clan cloak and vex at the clan camp. If you require a tour of the citadel please ask the person that is inviting you in.

Please be sure to switch online status on, so that we can invite you.
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Peaceful Jim
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Peaceful Jim

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Peaceful Jim
Resident Tree - Serene Wolves - Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

02-Oct-2020 02:18:12

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