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Hello and welcome to our forum!

We are “Nossa Doce Lar” which means “Our sweet home”. We have started our clan on June 19, 2017. We are a nice and cosy clan with a tender environment, filled with lovely people that enjoy helping others. We are a social clan which does both PvM, skilling and minigames/D&Ds and we enjoy holding events several times a week.
We have returning players in our clan and people like me, that love the game's history and its environment. What we would like to accomplish is a close clan where everyone helps each other, talks together and greets each other. Yet, we think real life is most important, so we understand it if people are to do their own things too. In short: we will try to make sure everyone enjoys being in our clan, both members and guests.

We are a European-based P2P-clan, but we also accept F2P'ers, yet we won’t do events in F2P worlds. Alternative accounts and iron(wo)man are welcome to join in as well. Every level as well for all the time zones are welcome in the clan.

You definitely would fit within our clan:

- If you are laid back or would enjoy several events per week
- If you love to help others around runescape or would like to get help
- If you enjoy being around other people, as well as for making others smile. We always love that kind of interaction and a good lovely sense of humor.

For those who wishes to join, please
guest in our clan chat
or ask for more information about the clan to
any of the staff members
(admins or above).

Clan information:

Home world: 26
Requirements: None. Everyone who joins is expected to accept our clans’ rules.
Time zone: GMT
Other: We have a discord server and friends chat available for the clan.
Creation Date: June 19, 2017
Forum: NDL forum
~~ ReliveThe90s ~ Nossa Doce Lar

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What do we have to offer?

- Several events per week
- An active discord and clan chat (discord is not mandatory, but feel free to join there and come to say hello!)
- Teaching sessions to teach several in-game content. We can teach returning players the ropes to make sure they get back at it, other players who’d like to get into some more efficient ways to train, about minigames and D&Ds and we can teach to people who would like to try out some more advanced bosses.
- Guidance in runescape (and oldschool) overall
~~ ReliveThe90s ~ Nossa Doce Lar

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Our Ranks:

In our clan, we have our rank system based on points you can earn. We think this is the fairest way to rank up players who are loyal to the clan and show involvement and are willing to help it build up.

This will give you the following ranks:
- Recruit: 0 points
- Corporal: 20 points
- Sergeant: 50 points
- Lieutenant: 100 points
- Captain: 200 points
- General: 500 points

Our staff team are all members who are involved and love the clan and its members. They are the eyes and ears of the clan and are handpicked by keys and approved by the current staff team. They are to help manage the clan, meaning they help us look for ways to improve the clan and interact with members. If members or guests have tips, suggestions, ideas or complains about the clan or one of its members, they will discuss this with the other staff members, trying to make the clan pleasant for everyone to stay.

Our clan knows three types of staff members:
Executive staff:
- Administrator - Event hosters
- Organizer - Recruiters

Managing staff:
- Coordinator – Social managers

- Overseer - Key rank
- Owners - Clan founders

Keys are dedicated staff members, who are handpicked from the staff team. They are more involved in how to run the clan and will be to make decisions about matters and try to find ways to improve the clan if possible. Keys ranks have more tasks they do, to reduce pressure from our other staff members.

The whole staff team is to maintain order and to ensure the clan rules are being followed, to try to keep the clan pleasant for its members and guests, including for the staff themselves.
~~ ReliveThe90s ~ Nossa Doce Lar

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In our clan, we will stick to the following rules, this mean both in-game and other places, like the clans’ fc or our discord server. Upon joining, we expect you to know and have accepted these rules.

- Every rule made by Jagex will be applied to the clan.
- Language should be kept age appropriate for all ages.
- Sensitive topics like drugs, any form of racism, alcohol, discrimination and such will not be tolerated.
- We will not tolerate any form of aggressive behavior any form of rude name calling or people who cause drama at all.
- Cursing with diseases or any cursing directed at anyone is not tolerated at all.
- Begging in any form (asking for money, to lend an item or asking for ranks) is not be allowed.

We expect both guests and clannies to listen to our staff (admin+). In case of any troubles, issues, arguments, suggestions, ideas on improvement, etc., please contact any admin+ in-game or on Discord.
~~ ReliveThe90s ~ Nossa Doce Lar

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Original message details are unavailable.
Hey friend, the correct translation of "our sweef home" is "nosso doce lar". Anyway, nice clan, can I join? :)

Heey Siaman,

We've been trying to contact you for the past few days, but couldn't reach you.
Please join in our clan chat as guest and/or add me or any others from the staff, so we can invite you when you are online :)
~~ ReliveThe90s ~ Nossa Doce Lar

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