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The Flag Quiz that supposedly gives 60 Runecoins for completing it from 'Superrewards', doesn't work.

I really don't feel like having to go through the process of getting the rewards I earned or be bothered to complete any more of these RuneCoin offers being as they don't reward you even when you invest your time in them and complete them. And yes I did wait for the 'delayed' rewards. Still nothing. Sorry but it's just a complete waste of my time :( and I would recommend to others not bothering with them at all.


21-Feb-2017 08:00:06

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Max Cape

If you haven't received your runecoins for completing an offer, I would recommend contacting SuperReward's support team to see if they can resolve the issue. Have a look here for a step by step guide on how to do that. If contacting them hasn't sorted the problem, you can contact Jagex's support team here :)

21-Feb-2017 17:26:00

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