Please fix Spirit Hunter capes

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Darth Wolfus
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Spirit Hunter Outfit came out in September 2015, and I think it's about time that the glaring graphics glitch with the cape got fixed.

Money was spent on buying Spirit Hunter, and it sucks that I can't use it because the cape looks so ridiculous.
Even the Terrorbird Mount has a well-fitting cape animation to go along with it.

Here's what it looks like with Skillcapes :

The trim on the Skillcape is misaligned as well.

Here's what it looks like with the Fire Cape :

It only seems to look (somewhat) normal with the zammy cape :

It seems to me that the only reason this hasn't been fixed is that not enough people are talking about it, or care enough. I hope this addresses that problem.

If this is not the correct forum to post this on, please let me know and I'll post on the right one. I'm far from the only one facing this problem, and I really think it deserves a fix.
(Originally posted on General Forum, re-posting to this one because it's the right place)
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01-Jun-2018 12:45:29

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Looks fine to me. Capes aren't supposed to clip through the ground y'know.
As for why the god capes don't 'bend' like that, well... they are quite a bit shorter than every other cape out there.

So no.... support?

03-Jun-2018 22:08:33

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