How to find and equip auras?

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Rorox Smith
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Rorox Smith

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Greetings everyone. I recently came back to Runescape after a little break. I purchaced a bunch of auras today from solomons store. I have no idea were they are or how to find or equip them. Can someone help me out please?

11-Jan-2017 01:04:04

Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

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Check with the npc Xuan for lost auras (if they're not somewhere in your bank). He can be found in Varrock square or in the north eastern corner of Burthorpe. They all have an equip option that places them in a special equipment slot that's just for auras. Activate them from the aura slot once equipped.

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all my auras were in the new aura mngmt spot, except for the illumination aura which was now item 1 in tab 2, so i withdrew it and then tried to see if it would be added to the new aura mngmt spot if i tried to equip it.
it is now equipt and there is no option to remove it and i cant activate any other auras as this one is still 'worn' in the spot
the message is -- please remove the worn aura before activating the new aura
well, i cant. so i cant !!!
i do jack of trades twice daily ( using vis wax) so this is a lot of lost xp !

23-Jan-2018 03:57:11

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