How to find and equip auras?

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There was a new update. I had the same problem, I unlocked the legendary jack of trades then went to Xuan to find that it said I had only unlocked it. Now because of the update that Jagex did, you can find all your auras like this. 1: Click on your worn equipment. 2: once you’ve clicked on the worm equipment tab it will obviously open a tab so you can see your worn equipment. When that tab is opened, look at the very bottom right corner of the opened tab. You will see an aura. If you allow your mouse to hover over this aura tab it will say (“View And Manage Your Auras.”) click on that aura tab and All your auras that you’ve bought will be in there. It says unlocked in Xuan’s store because you haven’t lost it, it’s in your aura pouch located in your worn equipment tab. Once you really lose it, you can reclaim it. Well, I hope this clears up some confusion for you guys. Enjoy using your auras.

19-May-2018 17:58:01

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