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But what would the exchange ratio be? Give an example that you'd find realistic, and we can see how informed you are.
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JB said:
YYinh said:
Maybe 10 Lp --> 1 Rc.

After year of subscribing you get 30k points monthly.
You are aware of that fact, right?

and gold members gives you 150k points

30k/month would be 3k points /month

150k would be 15k

1k/1 coin might be a fair rate though. then you'd get 30 coins a month or 150 for gold
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04-Mar-2017 08:49:17

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OMFG I've suggested this before, and so have others. We just end up getting negative feedback eventually from other players that "No Support". Ahem... AKA trolls... Or just the greedy that don't want you to be able to buy anything so they can hold it over your head. But I'm on board.

There's likely already a conversion ratio - just look at how many loyalty points it took to buy a Dragon Keepsake Key back when you could, and how much it was in RuneCoin and you'll already know it's quite a high rate...
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