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Looking to sell off my collection tab, message here or in-game!


Green Stacks:

10M Thread
10M Maple Logs
10M Flax
10M Jug of Wine
10M Jug
10M Vial
10M Pure Essence
10M Bronze Bolts
10M Arrow Shaft
10M Javelin Shaft
10M Feather
10M Marrentill Tar


530K Iron Mace
3500K Eye of Newt
1100K Empty Cup
1000K Compost
1000K Vial of Water
700K Empty Sack
420K Bucket
250K Basket
100K Empty Candle Lantern
3250K Tarromin Tar
110K Harralander Tar
180K Swamp Tar
360K Headless Arrow
100K Sardine
22K Brown Toy Horsey
51K Red Cape

Looking to sell everything item per item or the entire collection as a whole (about an inventory's worth of space).

23-Oct-2019 19:37:13

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