What was Sliske mission again?

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I think Sliske didn't have much of a mission besides reclaiming the Stone of Jas.

HOWEVER!!!! Jas may have considered Sliske ... a curiousity.
Sliske, much like Seren and Zaros, was a product of Mah. Jas could easily notice the connection, even if she didn't care.
But unlike, Zaros, he didn't have the arrogance to try to push for ascension or anything.

I guess this is where my theory gets convoluted.

- Sliske gets the Staff of Armadyl
- Sliske kills Guthix, breaks Edicts
- This is enough to cause Jas to awaken
- Jas connects to Sliske thru the Staff and introduces herself
- Sliske has an "oh ****' reaction on multiple levels culminating in a mixed response of "I can lots and lots of fun with this", "My boredom is cured", and "Well, the universe is about to go down in flames when these Elders wake up, might as well have a few laughs about it".
- Sliske is smart enough to figure out how to offer his services
- Jas treats Sliske like her attendants and others, teaches Sliske how to link the staff and the stone
- Sliske retrieves Stone
- Jas considers Sliske's usefulness "complete"
- Sliske barely manages to keep Jas involved by himself suggesting to use the Stone as a lure.
- Jas has absolutely no comprehension or concern as to WHY Sliske is doing this. Jas simply goes along with it because her agent says that such a thing is necessary.

- In truth, Sliske is just making it up as he goes along for his own amusement, fully aware that any slip up would result in Jas, Zaros, or any of the other gods killing him without any hesitation.
- Which in turn adds to the thrill of his high wire act.

Sliske was playing all sides against the middle for his own fun and amusement because his "master" didn't care wtf he was doing as long as he didn't break The Stone.

Make sense?

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