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Lego Miester

Lego Miester

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It's obviously not done yet, but I took the time to comb through the transcript and oh my goodness, the sort of delicious lines I missed out on. Anyone who has done Sliske's Endgame at least once without spoilers I'm sure would get a kick out of these.

For instance, Saradomin and Zamorak can meet. Naturally both of them posture like peacocks, and it seems like a fight is brewing, but then comes the most savage verbal beat down I've seen since The Walking Dead Season 2.

Player: Enough!

Both: ...

Player: You're both gods. Immortal beings of phenomenal power and influence and you're both acting like children.
Saradomin: YOU DAR...

Player: Yes I dare. Because fighting now, it's exactly what Sliske wants. He wants you to kill each other. And do you know what he'll do when you do so? He'll laugh. He doesn't want you dead because of some great plan. He wants you to kill each other because it is funny.

Zamorak: The World Guardian is right.

[Continue your rant.]

Player: Of course I am! Who do you think has been at the centre of all of this mess? Not you. Neither of you have seen friends killed by Sliske. Neither of you have seen allies warped into monsters. Neither of you had to face a god built out of the screaming remnants of human souls. Neither of you have had to travel back in time to visit an old friend, only to be brought back staring at his corpse. For all that you've been through, know that it's a drop in the ocean compared to what Sliske has done to me. So now, for once. Just for once. Shut up and stop giving Sliske what he wants.

Saradomin: You have endured much World Guardian. I respect that. Truly. But you would be wise to watch your tone.

Zamorak: But they are right Saradomin. So I will not start a fight here today.

Saradomin: No. Nor I. The stone is the target here, not one another.
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Wish I could have been there? I chose to say that rant in my blind playthrough.

Gotta say, I wish I could have seen Zammy chew out Seren. I got to see them meet, but I didn't get this bit:

Zamorak: I have nothing to say to you! I have been fed centuries of your lies! You made us kill ourselves, over and over again! And here you are, surrounded by your favorites. What makes you think I want to hear anything you have to say?
I think you should listen to her. I think you should relive the murders we had to commit because of her pretence!

Arianwyn: What is he talking about, Seren?

Seren: He is talking about something from deep in my past. A shameful act that, at the time, I felt was necessary.

Zamorak: Let me cut through the self-pity. Seren pretended to be Mah and shaped the Mahjarrat to what we are today. The ritual of power, where we slay one of our own to rejuvenate? That was her idea. We carried it out in her name! Or in the name of the mask she wore to trick us!

Lord Amlodd: My Lady, is this true?

Seren: ...Yes.

Zamorak: For an age we adored her as you do now, and all we got from it was fear, terror, and paranoia. Where do you think my philosophy comes from? We were all abused and wondering children, 'Mah'. At least we did not have to suffer your hypocrisy of destroying yourself out of 'love' and then torturing us from beyond the grave. And I am glad we did not turn into twisted addicts like your other 'favoured children'.

Seren: I have changed, Zamorak. Time has taught me...

Zamorak: Save your speeches. I have to claim the Stone of Jas. Then we will talk.

Seren: Wait, please!

Lord Iorwerth: Seren, what did you do?

Seren: I will speak of this later. Not now. This is not the time.

I also missed the bit where Sliske told Azzanadra that he had killed Azzy's little brother. That's just so beautifully cold that Wen would be jealous.

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Zevrant Bapt

Zevrant Bapt

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Holy geez that rant is amazing.
I would've loved to experience that.

Lego Miester said:
World Guardian: I will destroy the world!
(Transcript missing.)


Now I want to replay the whole darn quest just to see if that one is real.

A shame my ironman is nowhere near being able to do the quest, would choose that option easily.
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Aleks Leye
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I was lucky enough to get that interaction, and my goodness, the rant was the most satisfying thing of the quest! Personally, this is how I've always felt my character would react to all he's been through. "When I give my word, I keep it." -
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Lego Miester said:
Neither of you have had to travel back in time to visit an old friend, only to be brought back staring at his corpse.

Are they talking about Guthix there? Kinda confused as we just got acquainted just before he died. Bit quick to call someone a friend in that short of a span of time.

20-Dec-2016 22:10:42



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They wrote Seren's interactions so well!

I took every opportunity to take shots at her and every time my character said exactly what I was thinking lol.

even the elves with her were perfect. I said what I said to Seren specifically so they could see how horrible she was and they responded exactly how I hoped they would!

Though looking back I wish I found death so I could ask him about how the gods die. I never found him in my journey.

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Hguoh said:

I also missed the bit where Sliske told Azzanadra that he had killed Azzy's little brother. That's just so beautifully cold that Wen would be jealous.

Holy crap seriously? Lmfao.

Personally I loved the one where Sliske kept trying to get Zaros and Zamorak to fight and actually pointed out to Char that Zaros basically treated her like crap.

When he coined the term Zaronadra while talking about how Zaros played favorites with Azzy, I was in tears I was laughing so hard.
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