SE: Sliske's Real Endgame?

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Sliske studied soul transference.
He siphoned a piece of the World Guardian, enough apparently to infuse Wight Nomad with the same trait.


Being of such ... everything ... they barely notice life itself.
Zaros' request to become an Elder was outright dismissed by Jas, even though he was clearly a child of Mah and had Mah's core, and had some sort of potential.
Even the Elder God's assistants (Tok-haar, voices, attendants) are not given a second thought.

Personally, I think Sliske was scamming Jas for as long as he could for a mix of desperation, giggles, and to simply see if he could.

But, Guthix comes along and creates someone that is an anti-god.
A being which can even resist the powers of an Elder God.

Sliske learns about how to transfer a soul.
He takes a fragment of the World Guardian.
Studies it, experiments with it.
Then a situation arises where he realizes he's toast.
The Stone of Jas is destroyed. Even if Jas didn't discard him for that, the young Gods certainly WOULD kill him.
But first, he tries the revenge angle on the World Guardian.
He fails.
He realizes his death is coming anyways, so he plays his final trump card: he figured out how to make his soul compatible with the World Guardian's.

Worst case, he still lives on in a vessel that gives him one of the best chances to survive.
Best case, he hijacks the World Guardian's body for his own (one of those battles in the center of mine situations) and gets another chance to live again ... and might even be able to body surf for the rest of time (like Apocolyse from the last Xmen movie, of Captain Ginyu in Dragonball Z).

think of the opportunities for fun you could have with that?
could you imagine what could happen if he figured out how to soul swap with an Elder God?

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