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Unicornz pwn said:
Still consider myself a Zarosian, but if his ambition drives him further to an 'ends justify the means' approach I might need to reconsider.

I find myself in agreement with all of this second post, apart from this statement, I've changed from Zarosian to Armadylean. I just don't feel right near Zaros anymore, just generally an unsafe feeling.

Armadyl also has given me a reason to rethink my thoughts on Ilujanka.
Zevrant Bapt said:
Since doing Sliske's Endgame I've been talking to Armadyl, and something he says just makes me feel all conflicted.

That last part, "I offered to take them to another world, to save them. But they just smiled and shook their heads."

The Ilujanka accepted their fate much alike that feline species, Hannibus was from a time when the Ilujanka were seeking a cure, but now? Do they even want to be cured? If a way forward was handed to them, would they just deny it and pass away like the feline species?

We currently only have one Ilujanka that is known to currently want to cure the race, Vindicta. Hannibus depends on whether you leave him with Kerapac or not, assumedly giving up the hope of curing the race if he leaves with Sharrigan.

This whole time I've only been Zarosian because I wanted Zaros to upkeep his promise and cure the race, but now I'm not so sure. I agree with Armadyl so much about everything I don't even think I am Zarosian anymore.

I still want more than anything to have the Ilujanka cured, but is it even right?

Unicornz pwn said:
and for showing us there's no wrong way to love another chicken.

Also lol ^_^
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